A believer or not?

Blief is one of those funny things you can never master. I do not blame our will for not being strong enough to stick with one thing for our life span, but I do pinpoint the cause to be this ever dynamic world we live in. If we just take a look at our ancestors (parents, grandparents, so on..), we may observe how close to God or a certain belief they may be. And most of the time, they may look at us in wonder and ask “How can you not believe in this or that?!”….

I believe, and this is one of the very few instances where I use the word believe rather than I think, that the reason in our ever changing belief goes back to the nature of the world today. It is no longer isolated towns, cities, countries or continents. The whole world is melting down and becoming so entangled that it becomes very difficult to make a decision about a belief, preference, fantasy, dream or whatever it is you are deciding on, and just stick to that until the very end. As a proof to what I am saying, we can observe many decisions that seem rational to our generation and in our era, yet unacceptable or even as far as “can not be considered” in the older times. Such decisions may include family independence, higher rate of divorces all around the world in all cultures and societies, drop outs from universities, atheism, sexual coupling preferences and many more that did not make it to the list. 


Why saying this? because for the time I lived until now, people always seem to criticize a decision I made or a preference I feel comfortable towards. And am sure most of the people out there, reading this or not, would feel the same. That comes a time when our decisions just do not make any sense to anyone but ourselves. For better or worst, we make them and we live with the consequences, but at least they are our decisions. I remember I heard a nice thing a while ago…and I feel like sharing it here for the sake of expressing myself, if anything. “To everything, there is a good side and a bad side…at which we look and act upon is a total preference. Nevertheless, whatever choice we make regarding the matter, we just have to weight the outcomes and be happy to live with them”.


So be out there, live your life like I’ve always done by being whatever I am…young, irrational, foolish, wise, geek, social, enclosed or whatever. Remember, it goes by quite quick…and you don’t want to give up your one shot at a life living someone else’s life.


The fading memories

   We live quite a fast pace life. One minute we are thinking about doing something, the other we are already doing something we hardly planned. Nevertheless, in both cases, we are truly learning something about life, and more essentially, about ourselves. 

   Not so many years ago I experienced so many things in a very short period of time. Now, so many years later, I find it difficult to recall vividly the events, the interactions, the people and stories that took place. I find myself remembering the days and single story lines that, if anything, are there just to spark the emotions I once experienced. It is as if my whole past is but a first page of a newspaper with bold headlines. Except that in this instance, the headlines are so personal that their prominence lingers after so long. 

   I guess what I am really saying now is that, no matter what happened in the past, good or bad, happy or sad, we shall not fear losing the memory of it. Because comes the end of the day, all it takes is that something or someone to reignite our feelings and give us a ticket to our pasts where we may accidentally find the true definition of ourselves.  


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